Luca Savazzi (born in Amsterdam) was raised in The Netherlands with the Italian culture from his parents. Temperament, passion and a business drive from both worlds can clearly be noticed in this music and life. As a singer, composer and lyricist who thought himself to play the piano at an early age he writes his own music (in the English, Italian and Dutch language) which allows him to express his own feelings and emotions. Luca is also a model, actor and entrepreneur. He owns creative companies in the graphical sector which makes it possible for him to create the style that fits his music and personality best.

On June 26, 1996 Luca graduates as Sound Engineer and Producer on the Sound Academy in Hilversum (The Netherlands). This allows him to work in various studios while he also works as a DJ at different radio stations. However, Luca wants to record and publish his own music more than anything, so he works hard on his musical career. In the meantime he accepts many job offers working as a professional model and walks the catwalk for various labels such as Hugo Boss, Tommy Hilfiger, Diesel Industry, etc. Next to modeling he performs as an actor in various theatre plays and television productions.

Luca's music is also noticed by other artists and agents so he writes music for other singers and bands as well.

In 2004 he's inspired to help unfortunate children and organizes a benefit musical event in Rome (Italy) with his company. This 60 hours 'live' music performance is aired worldwide 'live' over the internet with the purpose to collect funds for children in South America. This event is rewarded with a Guinness World Records Award.

In 2010 Luca decides to take it to the next level by going international. His new English single 'I Feel Good' is recorded by Serge Ramaekers (Belgium) and released with a LoveRush UK! remix for the United Kindom, a Sted-E & Hybrid Heights remix for the USA and Niels van Gogh remix for Germany. His single makes it in the UK (Music Week) Dance charts and creates new opportunities to work with various artists worldwide!

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