Spurious (whose real name is John de Greeuw) is a DJ and Producer from The Netherlands born in 1983. John literally grew up with music, at the age of 10 he was already sharing his favourite music with others and soon John started producing and mixing music. During his youth John listened a lot to the music of "Dune" and "The Prodigy". But after watching the VHS "TiŽsto Live At Innercity" in 1999 John fell in love with trance music and knew his destiny.

From then John started to listen a lot to the music of Ferry Corsten, Armin van Buuren and TiŽsto, but also Chicane became one of his favourites. John bought himself two turntables in "The Magikal Music Store" from TiŽsto and started mixing everyday.

During the years John had some performances and also the music of John became more professional. In 2005 John started a study and after the first year of the study John had his propaedeutic achieved. Even though John stopped with his studies to make more room for his musical career.

From 2007 until 2008 John had his first releases on Digidance, but in the end John had to give up his time for a fulltime job. In 2014 John couldnít live without the music anymore, he started to spend less time on his job and more on music again. This resulted into multiple releases in 2015. One of those releases was his solo chill-out album íSpurious - Foreverí which made it to the number #1 position worldwide for several weeks on the Beatport chill-out charts! In 2016 John took redundancy from his day job and switched the safety of a permanent contract for the uncertainty of the artists life. Multiple singles got released and appeared on many compilations.

John is determined to catch up with the top of the danceindustry and is working on this every day of the week.

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